Why should we hire you?

In the interview, whether the interviewer asks directly this question or not, this is the only intention of the interviewer during the interview process (Technical or Non-technical). They expect whether you can add any value to them or not, it is value for the money.

So, while talking during or before the interview process always we have to keep it in our mind.

This is the so-called “Art of Selling.”

Below are a few points which I feel, will help to convince the recruiter to process your profile or shortlist.

– I have good practical knowledge of the required skills if something is missing, I am ready to learn & fill the gap. – It reflects your learning mindset.

– If something goes wrong then I directly don’t blame anyone rather than do self-analysis & try to find the root cause before any further discussion or comment. – This will reflect how maturely you take things, and your attitude towards solving any problem.

– What all areas I will work, I will behave as the owner of that, anything wrong is my responsibility. I only need to fix that. – It will reflect your ownership.

– If the Committed task is not completed as per the schedule, then I try my best to complete with all possibilities else raise the flag well in advance. – This will show your dedication to your work.

– I believe in Win-Win, if the team is successful then I am successful so, I try my best to help in all possible ways. – This reflects your teamwork.

Think like, “Mein nahito Kaun?” We can fill that gap.

I think all the above are key required skills, still, if you feel any important points are missed then please do comment & help others by sharing.


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