How Outsourcing Tasks Is a Smart Move In 2020

                                             You have 24 hours in your hand, how do you use it? It is up to you!

You do all the work on your own or delegate to some experts and get the result in less time.

Suppose you are a coach, then for a personal brand. In that case, you need artifacts like Logo & Website ranking in Google, Social media presence, content for a website, different channels, blogs, articles, etc.

So, either you can think of how to get the client, the focus of good content to deliver, managing all related tasks, etc. by tracking the delegated task or do it on your own.

Let’s compare some of the pros & cons of each approach.

Doing on own: “Jack of All & Master of None.”

  • It will take its own time to complete.
  • The quality of tasks might be an issue.
  • Stressful due to overhead & switching between the functions.
  • Confusion of what to do & when to do.

Delegating the task:

 You can focus & be a master of your core strength.

  • You will see the quick, quality results in less time.
  • Less stress.
  • No need to jumble in many tasks.
  • No context switching between tasks.
  • No confusion as someone else is taking care; only regular tracking is enough.

So, we can call this smart work!

As a Freelancer or Digital Entrepreneur, what all tasks can we outsource?

 Digital marketing has a suite of interdependent tasks & we will not get the expected result if we break the chain.

  1. Virtual Assistant (VA): Be the boss & hire a VA who will perform all the supportive tasks in your presence or absence.

How can a VA ease our life?

  • Starting from a Social media handle to a daily post. Your audience will think you are replying to their emails or comments, whereas the real story is something else behind the scene.
  • To respond to customer queries, issues, or concerns. Because if you take your own time to answer the Customer’s question or resolution, then the Customer will not take much time to go to the competitor.

The expected response time is maximum within 24-hr.

  • All meeting schedules & management.
  • Many more.
  1. Content Writing: “Content is no more KING, it became KINGDOM.”

From the above picture, it is clear that content is the center of all digital marketing; if any of the links break, we will miss getting the expected result. So, to bring & hold the audience, the role of great content is the key, and we can’t compromise on it. There are various forms of content & an expert can only smartly & quickly deal with it, which we can outsource.

Different types of content will bring brand value. Like, Blog, Article, Books, Journal, etc. & a ghostwriter will help.

3. Logo & Website Development:

                                                                                                              “Design is an Art & everyone can’t be a great Designer.”

Like the resume or CV of a jobseeker, a website is a portfolio of a professional, service provider, or business, so a great website & its updated content is crucial. Let’s the expert take care of the required plugin, theme its update, etc.

4. Social Media

                                                                                                               “The combination of Great Content with Artistic Visual.”

Different social media platforms are available with diverse audiences, so it is ideal to do the smart work,  make available the same content on various platforms. A professional knows better to automate it & schedule to post the content during the pick hour.

*There are many more tasks which we can think & outsource.

Let’s Conclude:

 In Brief, there are many tasks that we can delegate or outsource, so, as a smart professional, we should leverage outsourcing & be the winner.

What are you thinking? Don’t overthink, outsource.