How Outsourcing Tasks Is a Smart Move In 2020


As a Freelancer or Digital Entrepreneur, what all tasks can we outsource?

 Digital marketing has a suite of interdependent tasks & we will not get the expected result if we break the chain.

How can a VA ease our life?

  • Starting from a Social media handle to a daily post. Your audience will think you are replying to their emails or comments, whereas the real story is something else behind the scene.
  • To respond to customer queries, issues, or concerns. Because if you take your own time to answer the Customer’s question or resolution, then the Customer will not take much time to go to the competitor.

The expected response time is maximum within 24-hr.

  • All meeting schedules & management.
  • Many more.

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Informatica Cloud Connectivity through Proxy Server

A proxy server is an intermediary server for client requests seeking resources from other servers. When you send a web request, it goes to the proxy server first. The proxy server tests and sends the request to the web service on your behalf and then collects and forwards you the response from the web-server.

If your organization uses an outgoing proxy server to connect to the internet, the Secure Agent connects to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services through the proxy server. Proxy server configuration for Informatica Cloud prevents exposure of a customer’s confidential data to the outer world from unexpected access and attack.

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