20 Tips for Growth, from the Expert Influencer | Become Local to Global Expert By Working from Home.

1. Challenges will always there in any part of life, just accept it & make it to Opportunity.

2. Don’t wait to take the action for any good cause, now is the right time to take the action. “It’s Now or Never”.

3. For every Obstacle, there will be a Workaround, “Jisse Jugadu Kehte hein” in Hindi.

4. If you are starting any new Business then till it is settled, invest your earnings into your Business again to grow it.

5. Your Parents, who are your well-wishers will be your first & great mentor.

6. Always work on your potential or Key Skills which you are good at, you will see the tremendous growth in it.

7. For the next 5-10 years from now as Google or other Social media will not change so, Digital Marketing will also there, yes approach might change.

8. If you are dedicated & ready to come out of your comfort zone then you can achieve any goal.

9. Golden opportunity in Digital Marketing career is, you can Up-Sell & Cross-Sell without having your Products.

10. In regular Job life, you can Add whereas in Business you will learn the art of Multiplication.

11. Believe in yourself & follow the path of your Mentor.

12. “Your Network is Your Net worth” so, be with like-minded people, which is your Community, soon you will reach where they are.

13. Energy doesn’t lapse, it transforms from one source to another so, be with energetic people.

14. Other’s Success is your Success so, give as much as you can, Universe will give back 10 times of it.

15. Once you streamline your Job, Business or life then, automatically it will go with the flow.

16. “Sharing is Caring”, Share your Knowledge, Experience whatever you have with others so, that others will also get benefited.

17. Have Mission, destiny will take you there.

18. Take advice from the people who you want to be, who has achieved what you want to achieve. Not from your Friends, Family members who have no connection with that.

19. Spent your time with some valuable instead of some bullshit time pass like commenting, liking others post or video.

20. Degree & Certificates just don’t do for the sake of doing, rather than learn something from it.