what are the different scrum metrics and what are their purpose?

Scrum metrics are basically the need of the Stakeholders, and what status they want to view & track. Based on the management goal & interest we can prepare & track.

The basic need is, what we have Committed in the Sprint & how we are progressing on the same.

#1 Resource 100% utilisation. If the team is big then internal Managements are more worried about their utilisation otherwise it will be an unnecessary question & conclude planning is not proper.

#2 Planned stories in the Sprint status, How many are Completed, How many are Resolved & pending for QA, Due date / ETA of the InProgress Stories. Blocked if any & their action item.

#3 Risk Register or Blocked if any, its latest status with ownership.

#4 Defect Status, their action item etc.

#5 Overall Release Status Sprint-wise.

#6 Burn-down & Burn-up chart which Jira prepares automatically.

#7 Committed VS Completed Story Points.

#8 If running the Performance test in the Sprint then it’s Report Sprint-wise.

#9 Team Velocity Sprint wise.

Other than the above major metrics, we have some other metrics also which we prepare on a need basis.

#10 Scope change, if scope change is major during the Sprint which is not a good sign.

#11 Backlog Health, Created & Refined story list in the Product Backlog.

#12 Code Quality using tools like SonarQube, ESLint etc.

#13 Defect Leakage/ Defect Density.

#14 Number of new customers onboard.

#15 Customer Satisfaction Survey Report (Monthly or Quarterly).

#16: Retrospect Report & it’s action.

To prepare & maintain the above charts, one should be very good in JQL (Jira Query Language). 
If you know any other important status then please do comment, and we will add it to the list.

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