SM Challenges & Solutions

Challenge #1 Team missing Sprint Goal or team is Overcommitting.

This is a pretty common challenge, mainly for the new team. It has solutions so, nothing to worry about, calm down, only we have to change the approach bit differently.

If the situation is once or frequent then we can follow the approach below.

#1 Self Assessment: As a Scrum Master Analyse, note down all points where you feel the gap or potential improvement is required.

#2 Assessment with Team: During Retro or if the gap is higher side then have a dedicated slot for the RCA, Root Cause Analysis. Note down all team members’ input, and discuss your captured points.

#3 Have 3 Sprint Refined Backlogs in advance, if we are not able to proceed in any story then we can swap from the Backlog.

#4 Commit only 70% of the Capacity and have 30% as a buffer for any unplanned leave, dependency etc.

#5 Follow INVEST principle while selecting stories into Sprint Backlog.

#6 In Jira capture Due Date / Dev Completion date & track any deviations, it’s impact.

#7 Through Capacity Planning including Leaves & Holidays.

#8 Request the team to convert possible unplanned leaves to planned leave. We can capture tentative leave for better planning.

#9 Create all possible Tasks to understand the detailed required efforts.

#10 Create a checklist of all the above-required measures & confirm before Sprint starts.

#11 Avoid scope change during the Sprint.

#12 Have weekly KT sessions of the implemented feature & take feedback as Review Comments. It will increase team knowledge & will deliver faster or at least will be aware of whom to contact.

#13 If junior members are more in a team or new to the technology then allocate them to the senior members. Make sure they do their complete homework before approaching anybody for the help, it should not hamper others work.

#14 Always refer team velocity & capacity before any Sprint Commitment.

#15 Maintain & highlight Risk Register & it’s mitigation if any.

Don’t hesitate to take others’ help for any kind of impediment. Raise Red Flag as soon as we see any deviation & have Transparent Communication with the Stakeholders.

Try to Commit less Delivery more.

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