Scrum Master Artifacts to get the quick job?

#1 Professional CV with all required Keywords. Refer to JD for the same, without required Keywords profile will not get shortlisted so, review your CV with an experienced Scrum Master.
#2 Relevant Covering Letter, which is a 1-2 paragraph brief intro of your CV. This content will be the same when emailing a CV to HR or Consultancy.
#3 Market is down or not getting interview calls what to do?
One of the primary responsibilities of the Scrum Master is to Impediment Solver, if this is an impediment then as a Scrum Master what will be your approach to the solution?
#1 If you are not getting calls from company HR or Consultancy then don’t worry, you approach them, mail them.
#2 To understand the interview question & your ability to clear the interview, don’t be rigid with Job location, type of company, salary etc. Just attend & improve yourself, you will feel more confident. If possible attend an interview for the Contract position also.
#3 Immediate joiner gets more preference, so, if you are an immediate joiner or on the bench then consider yourself as an immediate joiner, after the selection of the technical interview think of how to manage the notice period. In the subject line highlight Immediate joiner.
After clearance of your technical interview, the company usually consider giving you some more time to join. As they have 2-3 rounds of interviews with you. It is the art of managing the joining date.
#4 In the Email Subject or job portal Headline, mention all key skills or knowledge you have. If the subject line is with all relevant keywords then anyone will show interest in opening the mail & go through the CV.
#5 Other than Scrum & Kanban, have basic knowledge about other topics like BDD, TDD, SAFe, Scrum of Scrum, LeSS etc.
even though you haven’t get a chance to work on the same, we can mention having knowledge.
#6 Knowledge of Jira toll is pretty common, we can create free accounts & have hands-on. Watch the Atlassian Jira YouTube channel & available course.
#7 Consider your Goal or your Todo as a project, as a Scrum Master create Story & use the Jira board to play & move the task accordingly.
#8 If no practical, at least have good theoretical knowledge of Agile, Scrum, all its ceremonies, roles & responsibility etc.
#9 Go through the JD & understand the market expectation & self-upgrade with the required skills.
#10 Certification will work as fuel so, PSM or CSM certificate is required.
#11 Sources to get interview calls:
LinkedIn, Naukri, Reference & personal contact, from Job community in WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
#12’If possible have some Project management knowledge also, which is the current expectation in requirement.
#13 Be active on Social media like LinkedIn & share your learnings as a post, comments & reply to other’s queries etc.
#14 Effective Communication: As a Scrum Master we have to coordinate more so, daily we can record one short video on our mobile phone.
#15 Knowledge of Excel & PowerPoint for Status Report.
Learning & self-upgrade is the continuous process for a better Scrum Master.
Scrum masters are go-getters so, don’t wait for others to give a chance, just grab your desired offer.

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