How to be a Scrum Master? New Scrum Master journey. Want to a Career switch to Scrum Master?💡💡💡

Pro Tips #
#1 Scrum Master is a Managerial or Leadership position that creates impact, sets an example to the team, and motivates them so, a self mindset is very much necessary. Think yourself, behave yourself like that, and follow & observe your team & organisation Scrum Master, what they do, what they follow.

#2 Do the Scrum Master Certification which will add value to your profile & increase confidence. PSM1 is preferred over others.

#3 Read again & again Scrum guide, which is a very small & crisp Scrum guide to understand & follow.

#4 Be part of the Scrum Master Community in WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn & Facebook, understand & contribute also, and you will get confidence.

#5 Go through the Scrum Master JD & answer yourself as a Scrum Master. Update & modify your CV accordingly with those Scrum / Agile Keywords. It will help your CV rank.

#6 Prepare Scrum Master interview questions & answer from Google & other sources.

#7 STOP watching TV & switch to popular YouTube channels to watch the Scrum Master topics.

#8 Go through a free or paid course from LinkedIn, or Udemy & add it to your LinkedIn profile.

#9 Build contact with other experienced Scrum Masters for Reference, Knowledge etc

#10 Try to be a Shadow Scrum Master, in the absence of Scrum Master due to various reasons like meeting overlap or during leave. Even during his presence also you can share your screen with the Dashboard for him to drive. This way we will get hands-on & confidence. Others will also accept you as their future Scrum Master.

As you are entering into a new career, no doubt you will face more Challenges don’t worry we are happy to help & guide you. Based on experience you will be more confident.

Congratulations to be a Scrum Master!!! 👏 👏👏

If you know any other approaches then don’t forget to help others by commenting. 
As a Leader, we believe in Win-Win. 👍

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