Components of an effective User Story & its impact.

#1 Clear Summary or Headline. <As an end user want this while doing the action.>

#2 All possible Acceptance Criteria agreed with the Business in the Acceptance Criteria section of Jira.

#3 Detail description with all possible expected scenarios.

#4 Business Rules if any. Ex: While running the workflow if the user wants to Stop or Abort the workflow manually as a hard stop what will be the consequence? Some parts of the workflow have already been executed.

#5 Screenshot or image for a UI story.


User stories without enough details will not only impact the Development team on their Development & testing, but it will also lead to frustration for all (Scrum team, PO, Stakeholders etc.)

For the user interface-based story, if there is no sample image then it will be multiple back & forth between teams & team members.

Comment & share your view. If you know any other points then don’t forget to add them.

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