As a Scrum Master & Project Manager how to maintain Quality & improves team Performance and Process. 💡💡💡

#1 Create a Checklist before Sprint Review & Demo & make sure all applicable points are followed.

#2 Unit test done by the Dev team.

#3 Internal & External (Seniors or other team experts) Code Review complete with the implementation of all review comments.

#4 Code Coverage tools like SonarQube used.

#5 QA test cases are reviewed by Dev & PO.

#6 Automation for all possible stories & running the same in every Sprint.

#7 CI/CD implementation.

#8 If possible Automate the basic Smoke test & run it before the build is delivered to the QA. It will save time, back&forth between Dev & QA.

#9 Weekly demo to the team for the implemented feature, It will help to gain team knowledge & review comments too.

#10 Perform RCA for the escaped Defects & take the necessary action by adding into the Code, Automation or Checklist etc.

#11 Have a Rollback plan for failure in any customer.

#12 Follow Acceptance Criteria & Definition of Done (DOD) most effectively.

#13 Control on the latest build to the production. QA will always take the latest build from the version control & final tested build will submit for the UAT & Production.

#14 Virus & Vulnerability check on build/package submitted to the Production.

#15 Can perform Code Cleanup at regular intervals of time.

#16 Impact Analysis of the implementation.

#17 Voice of the Customer (Customer Call Recording) & action item of the same.

#18 Make sure Third party tools are licensed version.

Man can make mistakes & machine helps to avoid the same so, use Automation as much as possible.
If you know anything else then don’t forget to add.

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