My Journey from 9-5 Job to own Freelancing Business?

My Journey from 9-5 Job to own Freelancing Business?

As a typical middle-class family mentality, after my MCA (Master In Computer Application), only one thing was on my mind, getting a job in an MNC and doing the 9-5 job, get some stable salary, and be happy.

Whereas after a few years, I realized my Job, salary, everything is fine, whereas I am fulfilling someone else’s dream, I am not working on my Passion; I have limited growth & restricted life. I am like the rat in the jar, which will get food until someone feeds, no idea when someone stops feeding? 

So, while exploring different opportunities, I started my food business, which was good for learning. Later, two years of my business, I started learning Digital Marketing, which has a different work flavor starting from Design, Video making, Writing, Selling other products, or service as an Affiliate. Now I have my freedom to switch between different tasks whenever I feel bore. This is just beginning; once you start your journey, new people will join with you, new opportunities will open for you. 

While beginning, you will face an initial challenge moving from Zero-One, and once you start then, you can only limit your sky. A right certification will always bring value to your career, learn & work with a mentor who will not judge you; instead, he will guide you. As always, if you want income in Dollar, then you have to target international clients. 

If you have any difficulties or need help, then I am always happy to help you.

This is my story, what is yours???