Email Marketing

“Words that connect the dots between the communicator to the receiver & Motivates to take the action.”

We all know for the success of every business, marketing has the key role and in the era of digital, traditional marketing got dominated by digital marketing.

There are many benefits of digital marketing, few of them are,
·    Target to the right audience.
      For example, if our product is a baby product then, we can’t offer the same to any bachelors, it’s a married couple with small kids are the potential customer.
·    We can change our marketing budget based on our needs or season, etc.
·    Activate & deactivate the add at any point in time.
·    Many more…

There are various approaches to digital marketing and out of that email marketing is the more popular approach of digital marketing.

So, what is email marketing & why it is so important compared with other digital marketing?

There are different phases of digital marketing. First, customers should know the product or service and through some trip-wire,
they are fine to share their private details like name, number & email id. Which shows that they are ok to be notified.
Email marketing is nothing but communication between seller to the buyer, in return of the product, service or to build the relationship.
As the customer is committed to our notification, a committed customer is more likely to be a potential buyer as the return of their self-commitment.
We can keep, nurture to our customer for any upsell or cross-sell for our product.

So, are all list of the customers being the potential customer?

The answer is “NO”, depending on the nature & the current need of the customer, there will be three different kinds of the customer.

Few will be ready to buy the product immediately if they need the product urgently or they see any good offer or bonus.
Few will wait to buy later and the rest will ignore if they don’t need it.

So, to manage these three-broad categories of audience, email marketing are a magnificent tool to re-nurture the audience with some additional offer, bonus, or reminder.

As an example, consider an advanced level of digital marketing course, which is on the higher side of the price as well.
If the user is at the beginning level of digital marketing then definitely, he will need some time to understand buy the advanced level course.
If the user is in digital marketing and his area of interest or expertise is in some other field so, he will not interest to buy the course.

Consider for my case, even though I am in digital marketing, my area of interest is content and for any content, SEO is more important whereas I am the least interested in SEO, I believe authentic content will fulfill organic SEO.
So, if the offered course is on SEO, then I will be least bothered to buy.

Are there any different kinds of email marketing?

Yes, there are three different kinds of email marketing:
·    Transactional: email confirmation of any transaction.
·    Relational: To engage & make the relationship better with the customer.
·    Promotional: For any upsell or cross-sell of the product or service.

So, anything special needs to be taken care of while writing any email marketing or how email marketing is different from the other content?

The answer is “Yes” because mostly it brings business.

The ideal format of an email will be:
·    The subject line of the email is like a hook which creates the curiosity to read the email.
·    The user should feel friendly talk and as you have written the email personally to him, not to any group.
·    While writing the email, write keeping one user in the mind, with their name, gender, age, locality, etc.
·    Greet the customer with their first name because everyone loves their name & like to hear again & again.
·    Suppose your email is about 20 lines, then draft the content in such a way that, after reading the first line one will get curious to read the next line, likewise till the end.
·    It should not be any long & lengthy paragraph wise, which is boring to read. It should be short & crispy.
·    The wording should be like, as we are seated next to him & talking, it should connect to their mind.
·    In the message’s body, first address the pain points of the user, if required add some story so, that the user can relate.
     Then how can be the product solve their problem, then the action to be taken.
·    Always email at a regular interval of time, to keep the audience engaged.
·    If we keep, nurture, either the customer will motivate to take the action or ignore it.
      Both the approaches will be fine, nothing wrong on that.
      In a busy life, a reminder is always good, whereas if we will not nurture to them, then the chances of taking action will be zero.

“Always to remember, a customer can make or break the business.”
A happy customer will spread good words and an unhappy customer bad review!  

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